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30 July 2018

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Awareness and Kriya Yoga

Awareness and Kriya Yoga

Date: 28th July

Resource Persons : Dr Avanish Thanawala – Kriya Yoga

Mr Joseph Pinto – Awareness for parents

Session : Awareness for parents and Kriya yoga for health

This session had two basic intents.

a.)   Making individual aware of themselves as individuals and as parents, to become more equipped as parent and individual.

b.)   Introducing individuals with basic precepts of Kriya yoga, proper breathing and importance of health.

The sessions were conducted by Mr Joseph Pinto

And Dr Avanish Thanawal respectively.


Mr Pinto asked questions to participants and triedto get specific answer not generic, so as to get more clarity for themselves.

The question asked were to make parents aware of: (i) themselves as individuals and as parents and (ii) the needs of children.

Dr Avanish Thanawala shared the importance of Kriya yoga and also made participants experience simple kriyas and shared the benefits of the same.

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