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14 July 2018

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Game-A-Thon – Non competitive games

Game-A-Thon – Non competitive games

Date : 14th July 2018

Resource Person : Mr Manish Freeman

Session : Game-A-Thon – Non competitive games


The activity started with Quiet Time. The activity started with a dance on the Brazilian song “Alma” & ended with the game, “Itna Bada Pahad” followed by the “Relection Circle.” Some participants stayed behind for yet another dance.

Most of the games & dances had a set of rules which were designed to promote values, such as greeting each other, taking notice of the people around you and acknowledging them through gesture,  that we have forgotten in today’s world.

Some examples are as below:

–          Make eye contact whenever you come face to face with someone & smile

–          Silence

–          Close your eyes. Imagine there is nothing outside that is attracting you & enjoy being with yourself

–          Walk mindfully taking into consideration yourself & others around you

At the end of the activity, participants gathered round in a circle to reflect on 3 three questions: (i) How did you feel while playing the games & dancing? (ii) How did you feel while playing with this group? (iii) How did parents feel while playing with their children? (iv) How did children feel while playing with their parents?

The following are a few illustrative responses:

“I played with people I did not know from before. That was a great experience.” – Parent

“I loved playing with my parents.”  – Child

“I usually don’t get time for my kids. Today it was great.” – Parent

“We were happy without reason.” – Parent

“I felt I was a part of the group. My most important take away was –Don’t have your eyes fixed only on the leader. Notice the other people around you as well.” – Parent

“ We were happy without TV, Mobiles, which was important.” – Parent

“Remembered my childhood.” – Parent

“It was good to share something with my children other than studies.” – Parents

“My daughter is always upset because I don’t have time for her. I am glad to share this with her today.” – Parent

“ Children don’t understand words. They only understand actions. When parents play with children, children realise that their parents are today playing with them and they are going to be there for them life long. This gives them a lot of confidence.” – Manish

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