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20 August 2018

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‘Mutthi’ – A fistful of Clay

‘Mutthi’ – A fistful of Clay

Session Date :18th August, 2018,

Resource Person : Ms Ruby Jhunjhunwala

Session -‘Mutthi’ – A fistful of Clay

A beautiful program conceived by Ruby Jhunjhunwala, with an objective to provide an environment where the participants touch, feel and hold clay while making an effort to connect, express and accept it as is.

The activity involved Parents to walk with their child, play with them sway with them, focusing on the music.

The activity had three objectives:

(i) to make parents realize the importance of spending free time with their children.

(ii) to make parents experience the joy of being with children without trying to make them behave in a certain manner or without expecting anything out of what they were doing.

(iii) to make parents to overcome their inhibitions and be a part of their children’.

Then having grouped them into small group they were passed lump of clay to feel it without trying to change it. Finally the parent and child were asked to look at each other connect and  were asked to make a mutti with the clay lump given.

Some interesting feedbacks

“I realized that touch of my children had a language. Felt revived with my child’s touch.” – Mother

“We live in a competitive world. Today there was no competition. If I get clay for my child at home, I will expect that something will come out of it. But there was no such thing today.” – Father

“While passing the lump of clay around, I felt like, it was my son that I was passing. I started thinking that now my son will pass through different hands. When the lump came back to me, I felt roughness dryness in it. I co-related it to the changes that will take place in my son once he starts interacting with the environment. I realized that change is inevitable and that we must be prepared to accept it.” – Mother

The session was attended by around 60 participants.

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