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04 August 2018

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My Life – Inside Out

My Life – Inside Out

Date: 4th Aug 2018

Resource Person : Mr Parag Shah

Session : My Life Inside-out

The session conducted by Mr Shah had one basic purpose as to see within oneself and based on the learning take steps to become a more purposeful and better individual.
The session started with sharing of
Mr Parag’s individual journey,
how mind-set create imaginary obstacles making us think that we can’t achieve our full potential. Other important question which emerged during the session were
What is holding me back,
Who is responsible for the chains holding me back,
Can I see the chains which I have created myself and work on them,
Finally what happens when we judge someone?

Finally it also pointed out how we as parents are creating blocking mindsets in our children.
It was attended by 30 parents.

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