12 December 2020

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Sankalp-“A career canvas” 2020

Sankalp-“A career canvas” 2020

Topic: Experiences on New Age Careers
Guest Speakers:
1. Mr. Shrinivas Patwardhan (Keynote Speaker)
2. Mr. Sameer Belvalkar (Professional Photographer)
3. Mr. Sarang Kulkarni (Professional Sarod Player and Composer)
4. Ms. Saloni Shetye ( Design Student at IIT Mumbai)


Date: Saturday, 12-December-2020 – for Parents and Students
Time: 5:00 – 6:30 PM
Venue: Virtual Meeting
Objective: The event was conducted to inform parents and students about the emerging careers in diverse fields.
Proceedings: The event was anchored by Karishma and Soha (Students at KHS Baner). The guests delved on their unusual career paths. The event was very inspiring to the anxious parents and students. It clearly established the need of following one’s passion and it will lead to a fulfilling career.
Hearing from the achievers who have been a part of the school made the parents and students think in diverse directions and explore before zeroing down on any particular career path as ample opportunities are arising. The event boosted the confidence of participants in pursuing their passion and converting it to their career.

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