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7 Nov

13 Lies Children Tell Their Parents

There are some common lies that children and teens tell their parents. The article dwells on how to identify that a child is lying and how to react without hurting the child’s self image.

1 Nov

Do not litter

If you see your child littering, direct him/her to pick it up and throw it in a bin. If there is no bin around then think of a way of not littering. Include your child in this process. When out for driving, picnicking, shopping, dining etc, carry a spare trash bag and never allow them or yourself to throw things out of the car, on the road or in the garden or anywhere for that matter, other than a BIN!.

7 Oct

How parenting has changed in a digital world

The article descibes the ill effects of increased use of technology (devices) on parent -child relationship and how face time is more important than screen time

17 Sep

Hey Parents—Put Down Those Devices

The article talks about hazards of excessively using electronic media and provides 7 reasons why less gadget usage can be beneficial for both parents and kids.

10 Sep

10 Photos of Your Child You Should Never Post on Social Media

The article attempts to generate awareness about the dangers of sharing kids ‘pictures and videos on social media.The article talks about 10 types of pictures that can be missused and cause trouble to both parents and children.

26 Aug

7 Damaging Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders

The article talks about 7 damaging parenting behaviors e.g. over protecting and over rewarding. It also gives 10 tips on how to move away from these negative behaviors.

1 Aug

What’s Happening in Character? 7 Surprising Parenting Solutions That Boost Kids’ School Success

7 easy tips to help your kids to do well at school. Notes the importance of sleep, motivation, respect etc in a child’s performance.

1 Jul

How to be a more mindful parent and improve your child’s life in the process

Few tips on mindful parenting to help parents to prevent outbursts and respond positively to a childs behaviour

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