Our Journey

Since its inception, the Mindful Parenting Programme has followed a beautiful trail of interactive workshops, introspective movie screenings and abundant sharing of knowledge in the areas of parenting and self development.


Along the way, several parents have joined hands to bring about positive changes within themselves and the environment at home. The Programme has provided a platform for parents to speak, ask questions and be heard, and in the process has fostered an effective dialogue on various parenting issues.


The Workshops, conducted by experts in the field, have covered various parenting practices like understanding multiple intelligence and non-violent communication. Keeping mindfulness at its core, there were also sessions on yoga and meditation. Some fun-filled expressive art sessions were also organized. Events in clay modeling, dance and non-competitive games provided great opportunities for parents to bond with their little ones. The screening and discussion around films based on parent-child relations, was a novel way to reflect upon our actions, their repercussions and alternate practices.


Under the guidance of the Greater Good Science Center, the Mindful Parenting Programme has so far been a collaborative effort between the Kaveri Group of Institutes and parents.We are all geared up and looking forward to continuing this collaboration with a variety of activities that empower us in bringing up a courageous, generous and happy new generation.

Workshop conducted

Get involved as a Volunteer

MPP will be managed and run by core members and parents volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill in the form and we will get back to you. Presently, volunteering activities include:

  • creating and managing a website
  • content writing for the website and editing
  • writing articles for the blog
  • designing publicity material like flyers and brochures
  • helping with organizing the bi-monthly workshops
  • managing an online book club and
  • even facilitating classes in the schools during substitution periods

There are many other opportunities too, so do write in to us.


    MPP Project Report

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