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15 Sep

Be grateful

Take time off to visit children who are not as privileged as yours .During this time, encourage your child to share his/her books, clothes or toys with them. This may be around festivals like, Diwali .Eid, Pateti, Christmas or New Year. Children learn / experience compassion, gratitude and joy through these outings.

1 Sep


Cooking can be turned into a happy and joyful activity to teach sharing chores. Children can help create the snack, eat, and clean up! You can set up the activity like a production line so each child has a special job to do. For example, if you are making sandwiches your child can spread the butter, his friend can add the cheese and both can add the vegetable topping. Each child can take turns toasting the sandwiches.

15 Aug

Collective Craft

Sit children down in a close circle with some interesting craft work. Place decorative craft materials such as feathers, coloured bits of cotton, wool, thread, bits and pieces of colourful paper etc. on several small plates for the children to share. Encourage children to pass items to each other. Make sure to place different items closer to different children. Glue, crayons, and markers can be placed in between the children. Providing only one of a particular material such as one glue bottle, or a limited amount of scissors also creates a situation where children need to wait to use the item. It also provides an opportunity for the children to ask each other for the item when another child is using it. Make sure they follow the rules.

1 Aug

Create “Sharing Rules”

Create a poster of simple sharing rules with pictures. Examples of rules • Ask when you want to use something. • Wait until someone is finished before you start using something. • Help each other.

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