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Jyoti Kumta is a trained teacher, counsellor, corporate assessor and trainer with a wide variety of experience. In later years she realised that her heart lay in schools and specifically in Values Education, so she consolidated all the skills learnt over a period of more than two decades and prepared a training program for school children in Values Education/Life Skills.

She followed it by developing a training program for teachers and has since conducted numerous workshops on ‘’Can Values be Taught’’ ‘’How to Teach Values’’ and the “Role of Questioning Skills and Reflective Practices in Values Education”. She strongly believes that values are surely caught but must definitely be taught as well. This has driven her to study the teaching and learning of values and think of ways and means to ensure Values Education becomes an integral part of the school curriculum.

Parenting Education seems to be a very natural progression for her since teachers and parents are the most important values educators in a child’s life.

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