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Malati Kalmadi is passionately involved in holistic and meaningful education and the MPP would not have been possible without her vision and drive. As the Secretary of Kannada Sangha Public Trust, Malati and the board of Trustees are entrusted with the task of running the Kaveri Group of Institutes. KGI aims to create an environment conducive to learning and prides itself on being a caring institute for all stakeholders - children, parents, teachers and principals. KGI has many innovative firsts to its credit and now one more, with the Mindful Parenting Program.

Malati has a teaching background and is a deeply caring and committed human being, involved in many causes and boards. Over the years she has helped create a vision for KGI where they are guided by two principles of having a learner centric approach and creating a safe environment for the stakeholders thereby moving towards holistic education. She plays a significant and crucial role in keeping KGI motivated in accepting change, being creative and committed to the cause of meaningful education.

The management of Kannada  Sangha  can say with pride  that they have created a friendly, non-threatening and transparent environment in their Institutes that are built on a foundation of trust, faith and love.

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