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Sunder Iyer S, is a mechanical engineer by training. He was drawn into teaching by the promise to change many young lives. His spiritual guru, Swami Muktanand from Anand Ashram, initiated him into Values Education and guided him to develop a program that he first taught with a team in Kerala and now teaches to students and teachers alike in Pune and Bombay. With fourteen years of experience in education now, he hasn't looked back.

He co-founded VSET, an NGO engaged in a values education program for children in the age group of 12 to16 years, with Ram A, in the year 2003.

Sunder has been connecting with people from all walks of life, spreading his joy with co-travellers in the journey of life. Iyer is also engaged in conducting residential retreats for adults in the age group 16 to 60 yrs, on how to lead a stress free life and also on how to live in the ‘now’.

Passionate about musical instruments, Iyer comfortably jumps from one musical instrument to the other in pursuing his marriage with music.

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