A sharing and learning experience

This morning I had a beautiful experience with my 8 yr old grandson ,Krishna.
I was in my daughter’s kitchen in B’lore cooking and packing my grandkids’ Tiffin boxes ,when my 8 yr old grandson walks up to me and asks,
“Ammamma , Did you ever make mistakes while cooking?”
I was caught unawares. My instant reply was , “you know Krishna , in cooking if you make mistakes you can cover them up”.
I realised it was a good learning moment for both of us.
(I realised I had blundered by saying you can cover up your mistake. What value was I conveying ?)
I said ,”hold on ! I remember something Krishna. You know , I had just learnt to make Dahi vadas when I spoilt the batch by adding too much salt. Ever since, I am so careful. I have not repeated the mistake and now you know my Dhai wadas are excellent”.
Krishna’s reply to me was- “ oh ,you learnt from your experience!”
He did not say you learnt from your mistake. I was surprised.
I replied “ yes Krishna, I learnt from my experience. You know Experience is a great Teacher. In life you keep learning. Even today I am learning. I learn recipes from your mother, my friends, your Ajjima and others. You can keep on learning even when you grow old like me, Krishna.”
This is experiential learning in the true sense.
How mindful was I as a parent? I am not sure.
I realised I am more mindful as a grandparent.

By Malati Kalmadi

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