Homework made fun and easy

It is usually a task for parents to get homework done from their kids. Neither the kids nor the parents like these ‘study sessions’… especially before exams. But I would like to share something which has worked for me.


My son was in Jr KG and they had just started ‘writing’ in school. So, while doing his homework assignments I would always have my HW book ready as well. I would sit next to him doing the same work, at a slow speed and often making silly mistakes, all the while keeping one eye on his work. We would then exchange our books and correct each other’s work.


This helped me in many ways:

  1. HW sessions were always fun as it was a joint effort, rather than ‘complete your HW’ it was always ‘let’s do it’ types.
  2. While he was correcting my work, he would find mistakes in them and feel good that even grown-ups make mistakes and it’s not only kids, as they assume most of the times.
  3. He was able to find the mistakes, and that was a winning situation for me, as we tend to follow instructions blindly. It is important to learn that when we have not understood something it’s ok to ask about it. (This was his class teacher’s feedback too)

My son is in 2 std now. So do I sit with him even today? NO. Now he finishes his work, gives to me for checking and asks queries whenever he has not understood the concept.

By Anagha Chandwadkar

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