The Available Parent: Expert advice for raising successful and resilient teens and tweens

Author: Dr. John Duffy


A child throws different challenges and compels the parents to switch to newer parenting strategies, as s/he grows up. Teenage, unarguably poses the biggest challenges when parents, at times, feel their advices being ignored, experience losing control over and shrinking communication with their teenage kids. The natural instinct to get fearful blocks the effective, enjoyable and connected parenthood. Through this book, teenage psychologist Dr. John Duffy advocates in importance of staying in touch with your teenage youngster. Author defines “Parental availability” as understanding your child’s need to pull away, treat the child with respect by swallowing our own ego at times, and to really listen to what the child has to say. Taking readers through the mind of a teenager, Dr. Duffy explains methods for recreating and connecting with teenagers, while accepting that children are supposed to break away, and become attached to new people as they grow.

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