Turning point

In my early childhood , I was physically weak and may be because of that -I was very sensitive. Any sort of scolding or ill words would affect me greatly. I was studying in the same school in std-VI where my elder brother & sister were also studying in std-VIII & std-IX. Unlike me both of them were rank holders and one of my subject teachers who was common for three of us had a habit of comparing us. Usually my father used to attend parent-teacher meeting conducted in school and that particular teacher used to always give anegative report about me ,as I was not showing excellent performance like my brother & sister  and father used to listen it quietly.

Once my mother went for the parent-teacher meeting and that same teacher started with negative remarks for me ,comparing me with my siblings.My mother strongly objected and asked her  not to use such humiliating and harsh words for me. She said she knew my physical capacity and my capacity to cope up with the studies and though I pass my exams with lower percentage she would be equally happy for me and distribute sweets as she would do for her other children for securing higher percentage.

This act of  hers, turned out to be very encouraging for me which gave me confidence and thereafter my results improvedand I scored first class in my std-X board exams and then always scored first class throughout my graduation and postgraduation. Because of this , I developed confidence and though being physically weak , I could undergo rigorous N.C.C training for continuous three years and also received -All Round Best Cadet Award of the year 1999 of I B coy of 2 M.P.Girlsbatallion.

Thereafter I completed my postgraduation in chemistry and later B.Ed and M.Ed with first class. I give credit to my mother ,for all these achievements of mine.I take this opportunity to thank her for her unconditional love &support.It means a lot to me as she played asignificant role in my life , I consider the mentioned incident as a major turning pouint of my life. Its impossible to repay your unconditional love and support and short of words to express my gratitude towards you Aai , so asmall gesture to tell you how much I love and respect you, I dedicate this post to you Aai.

Thank you very much Aai for being there for me at that time and always.

I hope this post of my experience may inspire some more mothers to have confidence in your own child & child’s capacity to have a glorified future.

Thank a lot.

Mother : Smt.Pushpa.C.Kouloorkar

Child : Ms. Chaitraja.C.Kouloorkar ( Mrs.Chaitraja.S.Sahasrabudhe)

By Mrs.Chaitraja.S.Sahasrabudhe

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